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Project selection and preparation In software Engineering

  • Select a real project that is important, but not with a tight time schedule or any other hard constraint.

  • Select a problem domain that is well known and well defined.

  • Select people experienced in system development who have positive view of changes. The management should have confidence in them.

  • Select a project manager with high degree of interest in the task.

  • The staff should work full time in the projects and not be distracted by other projects.

  • Base your work on a detail plain developed in advance. Perform evaluation at all stages with criteria established in advance.


  • All personnel involved in the new order of work need education and training.

  • Give strict method process definition, more emphasis can be put on formal education and training.

  • A new development process involves a lots of changes which brings potential risks.

  • These risk can be managed by three simple steps:

    1. Risk identification

    2. Risk valuation

    3. Managing the risks

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