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Randomized Algorithm:

  • A probabilistic algorithm is an algorithm where the result and/or the way the result is obtained depend on chance. These algorithms are also sometimes called randomized algorithms.

  • It makes use of randomizer(random number generator) to make some decision in a algorithm.

  • The output and/or execution time of a randomized algorithm could also differ from run to run for the same input.

  • It can be categorized into:

    1. Las vegas algorithm

    2. Monte carlo algorithm

Las vegas Algorithm

  • this algorithm always same (correct) output for the same input.

  • Execution time of this algorithm is characterized as a random variable.

  • The execution time depends on the output of randomizer.

Monte Carlo Algorithm

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  • Monte carlo is the algorithm whose output might differ from run to run for the same input.

  • It may generate the wrong answer sometimes that depends on the output of the randomizer.

  • The execution time is fixed.

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